Canvas Printing Service

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  • Frame thickness

    This is how far the canvas comes out from the wall. 20mm is used for smaller canvases or when the canvas will be framed. 30mm is an in between size often used for canvases up to 60cm (or 24 inch) and is the same price as 40mm. 40mm is the most commonly used
  • Wrap

    This is what is on the sides of the canvas. Mirror and blur options are the most common For an image wrap, make sure there is enough space around the main part of your image for it to go around the side
  • Canvas type

    Choose the type of canvas you would like. Decor is a lower priced option, the Archival has archival ratings and is more expensive. Polyester is the cheapest option when the lowest price is the most important factor.Most people choose the Decor canvas
  • Finish / Coating

    This is the gloss level of the protective laminate coating that is applied This coating protects against liquids, UV, and abrasion. The canvases can be gently cleaned with a damp sponge
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